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Training Course

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Training Course

The Angel Makeup Academy is a good beauty and makeup training institute where we prepare professionals experts such as Beautician, Hair and  Makeup artist. IF you wish to switch from Basic to Advance or Professional Level then you are on right page.

We helping most of the cadidate to their knowledge in Beautician Course , Hair and Makeup Artist to getting Job or become an entrepreneur. We would love to help you next….

Choose a Best Training Course You Can Trust

When you enrol with The Angel Makeup Academy, You are joining a best training that is invested expert knowledge in you success.
– 20% Classroom & 80 % Practical
– Get certificate after completion of course.
– Helping to build your business
– Course materials


Training Method

Step 1- Theory Class

Step 2- Demo Class

Step 3- One to one Practical

Step 4- Practice

Class Duration

The Angel Makeup Academy  Classes are conducting 2 to 3 hrs./Day Monday to Friday.