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The Angel Makeup Academy gives you a good opportunity to train very professionally at an affordable fee to get training in Nails Extension & Art course also you can get the best training in Makeup, Hair Style, Hair Chemical Works, and Nail Art Course. 

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    1. Avoiding mistakes and work-related injuries while preparing natural nails for nail extension
    2. After the course, you will be able to make nails of any length and to form the perfect acrylic nail shape
    3. Valuable knowledge of nail structure and preparation for the nail extension
    4. Advanced knowledge of correct and fast nail filing techniques.
    5. This method will save you time while you work.
    6. Proper use of materials (liquids) in the process of nail extension
    7. Detailed knowledge characteristics, distinctive shapes of the tools (bits), the colors of the notches. (Difference of bits for a manicure and artificial nails)
    8. Detailed knowledge of how to refill the artificial nails
      Proper sculpting of square and almond nail shapes

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    Join the Certification program from The Angel Makeup Academy to make your career in Beauty and Makeup sector.

    • Focused on 80% practical class
    • Professional & expert trainer
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    • Affordable fee